Waltz My Worries Away

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Sometimes when I study as dry salty tears fall down my face, I listen to my waltz turn up playlist to make myself feel better. Or if I just feel void of emotion in general.

In all honesty, I am a closet waltz music fan. It's not that I hide it- I've just never felt compelled to share it with others. There is a little notion out there that those who adore classical music are just really pretentious people, which is pretty presumptuous to believe if you ask me. Yes, I get some music out there can bore you to tears if you listen to it for over two hours on end, but if you listen to certain movements of certain sonatas/pieces/long orchestra music (?? I'm not really technical with the terms, I just like what I hear), they actually sound incredibly awesome. Heart-wrenching, blood rushing and lots of feels (just listen to Winter first movement of the Four Seasons from Vivaldi). What I'm trying to say is this: waltz music can give you lots of feels. So unless you're heartless, you're probably going to be moved by the soaring notes and trills of violins like I have. I will provide my own commentary and my feels about some of the tracks on this playlist. Just consider this the mundane teenage interpretations and thoughts of incredibly complex music superior to what I can appreciate.

My favourite track from this would be Fairy Dance from the live action Peter Pan soundtrack. (This is where I would put the heart eyes emoji if I could. If you haven't seen the Peter Pan live action movie- go, do it now.)

Tracklist (not in particular order)

  • The Second Waltz, Op.99 Dmitri Shoshtakovich
    • This track starts with a tone that makes you believe you're waltzing away with the one you're out to secretly assassin, especially when you're a Russian spy. Preferably a femme fatale. And somehow you end up falling for them. And then your heart just soars as you waltz and you end up disregarding your mission in order to save bae them.
  • Sleeping Beauty Op 66 Act I Tchaikovsky
    • This is the ultimate angry and moody waltz. You're introduced to this furious mood and then out of nowhere it gets really sweet and mellow which abruptly erupts into a turmoil of emotions thereafter. This would be the background track to a scene where you're considering if you should hex someone and then actually do it when you see them trying escaping your clutches. I mean- this track is part of the Sleeping Beauty soundtrack for a reason.
  • Winter Vivaldi
    • Oh god- don't even get me started with this one. This is perhaps one of my favorites- although this doesn't really count as waltz music (if you can really waltz to this I applaud you) This is absolutely perfect if you're looking for the angst and anguish you never knew you could feel. It tugs at your heartstrings and soul in the first movement and then tries to soothe you in the second. I don't know what really happens in the third movement though. It's really beautiful. It definitely delivers the winter mood (as titled) with the fervent violin bow strokes that give off an impression of a biting winter wind that whips in your face.

This was typed over two weeks ago in the midst of a soul-destroying period of final semester exams. So I may sound a bit deprived of sanity and sleep (considering this was prioritized over studying).

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