Sunday Sentiments

Sunday, January 31, 2016

It's Sunday night and here I am gloomily sitting on my bed, alternating between folding clothes and trying to type this out. My father and I had just dropped off my mom and my sister at the airport a few hours ago, and now here I am, feeling the most void than I have ever felt in my measly seventeen years of existence.

I'm usually the one who never gets homesick, always tempted by the possibility of independence and freedom. And now I realize that whatever I've been through or wherever I've went, my sister has always been with me, following happily.

In a way, this is a wake up call, the perfect chance for me to get accustomed to university life after I finish high school this year. My mom, who always cooks and cleans for the family, and my sister, who always keeps watch after me, will be gone for a month, leaving me to fend for myself with a father is just as skilled as I am in the kitchen.

Despite the sadness of having some empty bedrooms in the house, I'm excited to prove to myself and test my capabilities this month. Sadly, my sister had taken my DSLR camera on her trip, so I can't document this month that well. However, as seen in the picture above, I am resorting to using my rickety and unreliable $10 Vivitar digital camera, to follow through the upcoming mishaps and ventures of independence.

What's in store for this upcoming month:

  1. Preparing for Lunar New Year (cleaning, praying, temple, ceremonies- all on my own (ahhh!)
  2. Cooking (which actually doesn't revolve around boiling water for instant noodles)
  3. Getting a job
  4. University supplementary applications
  5. Errands errands errands
  6. Extracurriculars
  7. This list is already too much so I'm going to stop now.

Ultimately, despite feeling a little miserable without my mom and my sister, I am ready to take on this month in stride.

Love Always,
Kerra (Tram)

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  1. I hope you won't be feeling sad for long. Independence can be such a difficult thing... Sometimes I'm like: 'I'm 19, I should know how to use the dryer.' So then I try, it almost always goes wrong and I end up asking my mom for help :') But I'm sure it'll all turn out great for you ;)

    x Envy
    Lost in Translation

    1. I'm getting accustomed to this actually. Thank you for your kind words! :)

  2. this is such a beautiful blog! i love how candidly you write. your tone seems blank - vacant, even - but not at all a bore. keep it up. i hope those waves of loneliness settle down soon.