Rise With The Sun

Friday, January 08, 2016

By a quirk of fate, today I rose up to a beautiful sunrise, a dreamy blend of rosy hues with the wisps of pale clouds, like soft strokes upon a canvas, that perhaps inspired me to write my first post on this new blog, despite myself being buried beneath an impressively sad amount of work. Yet I knew it was bound to be a good day- and it was.

My favourite shop/bookstore Chapters Indigo gave me an extra $30 worth of reward points that can only be used within four days, or else it'll be revoked if it isn't spent by this Sunday. And so, obviously, I spent the entire day deliberating on how wisely I could spend $30 without being wasteful. So that's one good thing.

This new year has already brought in insane (and maybe a little spontaneous) tidings, from schoolwork, art, Indian classical dance (?) and a slightly unexpected audition for the school talent show. 

I usually don't like my photographs that much, but I have to comment on how some of the photos below look like eerie yet scenic images that depict something along the lines of the aftermath of a dystopia. Totally idyllic.

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