Orlando: Day 1

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

This trip to Orlando has already come to an end, and although I thought one post would be enough to span this entire adventure, I decided it to be best to digest these moments here day by day. Every turn of the head was something colourful to capture.

The main intent of this trip was to visit DisneyWorld's parks while competing in HOSA's International Leadership Conference for medical math.

This trip to me was simply magical. Let's start with the airport. The trees? The patterned windows? The glittering lights bordering the bus shuttle station? Wow. 

However, I could have definitely done all this without the heat. The first step out of the airport was met with the urge to run back inside and bathe in the comfort of air conditioning. It was sweltering, but I eventually got used to it.

One thing that immediately enchanted me with this place was the bright pastel colours painted on all the residencies in Orlando, to battle and deflect the insane heat. Accented with palm trees, everything here was charming and we didn't even reach the hotel or DisneyWorld yet.

We left our luggage to the hotel bellman and got to take a look at our residence for the next five days: Coronado Springs. If I was enchanted by the pastel houses along the freeway before, with the hotel, I was intoxicated in sensation.

It was gorgeous. Pastel heaven. String lights? Check. Bachata guitar background music? Check. Palm trees and a lake? That too. So there ensued another half hour of me snapping pictures away, before it was time to figure out what me and my roommates were going to do before waiting to check in.

[Wait, funny story. Let me tell you how Disney customer service is absolutely amazing. My roommate had one faulty luggage handle bar, so when the bus coach struggled to open it for her- it snapped into pieces. Within 15 minutes, the Disney resort people fixed her up with a brand new luggage carry-on, which left me figuring out how to let another Disney staff 'accidentally break' mine too (kidding but not really). Best customer service ever. Felt the magic of Disney before even going to its parks.]

We then came to the decision to leave for Magic Kingdom for the day and then figure out our luggage and hotel room later. Because clearly we got our priorities together.

Magic Kingdom was great. Super crowded and hot but pleasant nonetheless. The storefronts along Main St. were brimming with colour and detail that simply made me melt in adoration. We spent the day waiting far-too-long for rides that were far too short, but at the end of it all, it was a great start for the upcoming days.

My sore aching feet was a small price to pay for the joy each step brought. Here's to thousands of steps more to come.

Naz living the life.

Never enough photos of the castle, let's be real.


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