Monday, June 13, 2016


the sense that time is moving faster 
(Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows)

This is the last month of high school for me. 

For most, time would be moving too slow, that they can't escape from high school fast enough. I look around and take in every moment to absorb that this is the last time I'll be a high schooler, not having to pay for my education, my textbooks, or worry about rent, tuition...

I'm definitely excited for university and meeting new people, but this would be the last time all my friends in high school would be gathered, laughing, crying, doing whatever stupidity they do, before they part and disperse to wherever they will go.

I've been neglecting this blog in a while mainly because nothing interesting is happening in my life, although in the past month, I've been to an amusement park and went to Toronto to search for cherry blossoms.

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  1. beautiful post - especially the squirrel pictures!! <3
    i also noticed you were born in 1998 and was wondering if you'd be interested in being a part of my 98 thinkers project? i'd love to hear from you!! xx